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Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire


Diameter: Flat Aluminum Wire: a(1mm-10mm) b(3-16mm)

Copper Flat Wire: a(1mm-10mm) b(3-16mm)

Copper Round Wire: 0.5mm-2.5mm

Enameled Type:

Model: QQ-XX/120 QQ-xx/155

Temp Class: 120C 155C

Standard: GB, NEMA, IEC

Package: PT-30 PT-60,PT-90,PT-200,50KG 150kg wooden Spool or according to customers’ requirements

Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire Acetal Enameled Wire Acetal Enameled Wires High-quality Acetal Enameled Wire

Acetal Enameled Wire, two temperature class 120 and 155, has the good resistance to transformer oil, good mechanical strength and adhesion properties as well as resistance to the refrigerant. But this product has some defects including the poor moisture resistance, low temperature of thermal softening breakdown, durable benzene - alcohol mixed solvent properties and so on. So it is suitable for oil-immersed transformers, oil-filled motor windings.

 Acetal(polyvinyl formal) Enameled Wire

mainly used for the production of oil-immersed transformers and Oil-filled motor windings.