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How does the permanent magnet motor withstand high temperature?

In high and low temperature environments, the device characteristics and indicators of the permanent magnet motor system vary greatly, the motor model and parameters are complex, the nonlinearity increases, the coupling degree increases, and the power device loss changes greatly. Not only the loss analysis of the driver and the temperature rise control strategy are complicated, but also Four-quadrant operation control is more important, and conventional drive controller design and motor system control strategy cannot meet the requirements of high temperature environment.
Conventionally designed drive controllers work under relatively stable ambient temperature conditions, and seldom consider quality, volume and other indicators. However, under extreme working conditions, the ambient temperature varies within a wide temperature range of -70°C to 180°C, and most power devices cannot be started at this low temperature, resulting in the failure of the driver function. In addition, limited by the total mass of the motor system, the heat dissipation performance of the drive controller must be greatly reduced, which in turn affects the performance and reliability of the drive controller.
Under ultra-high temperature conditions, mature SPWM, SVPWM, vector control methods and other switching losses are relatively large, and their applications are limited. With the development of control theory and full digital control technology, various advanced algorithms such as speed feedforward, artificial intelligence, fuzzy control, neural network, sliding mode variable structure control and chaos control have been used in modern permanent magnet motor servo control. successful application.
For the drive control system of permanent magnet motors in high temperature environments, based on physical field calculations, closely combined with the characteristics of material and device characteristics, an integrated motor-converter model must be established, and field-circuit coupling analysis must be carried out to fully consider the impact of the environment on the motor. Influenced by the characteristics of the system, making full use of modern control technology and intelligent control technology can improve the quality of motor comprehensive control. In addition, permanent magnet motors working in harsh environments are not easy to replace, are under long-term operating conditions, and external environmental parameters (including: temperature, pressure, airflow speed and direction, etc.) .
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